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Kenn, we really value the service you provide. You are thorough in your service and always happy to take the time to explain things further when needed. We highly recommend Paradise Brokers to any business or individual seeking professional, prompt, friendly & caring insurance services.

Cube Architecture


We have been using Paradise Brokers for our insurance needs for 18 months now and have found them excellent to deal with, whether it be discussing aspects of insurance or sorting out the details around a claim. Their service is excellent. They clearly care about their clients and are prepared to go the extra mile for them. Crunch time comes when you have a claim and need experienced people to sort out your claim for you. While on-line insurers are happy to take your money after a few minutes ticking the boxes on line, try getting them to help you out and take a serious interest when you want to make a claim! Insurance is a complex issue and needs detailed attention. We trust Paradise Brokers to do it right.

Godfrey Watson, Champion Property Management.


Paradise Brokers make the whole process of insurance, from buying it, lodging a claim and finalizing the settlement a breeze. Insurance was always in the “Too Hard Basket” but Kenn and his team take all the hard out of it and make it easy.

Judy van den Yssel-Richards, Jester House


To Prospective Clients: During recent dealings with your Firm, I have found you to be excellent in quotes, & also prompt with your service , & would certainly recommend you as very professional in your line of business.



Just wanted to say that you left an impression on me, still to this day, you are the best manager I have ever had the privilege to work for.

Martyn Griffiths ACII


Kenn has looked after our insurance for as long as I can remember; certainly for more than the past ten years. We have never considered a change in our broker as we have always felt that no one else would show such a personal interest in our needs or would go so far out of their way to ensure that we got the best protection for the best price on the market.

Hugh Steadman, Prenzel Distilling Company Ltd


I changed from a large insurance broking firm to Kenn simply because of the extraordinary service Kenn and his team provides. Nothing is too much trouble, all the small print is checked for me, and my options discussed in plain language. Kenn makes sure we are comprehensively insured (unlike the previous brokers) and when it comes to renewal time, he doesn’t just roll over the previous cover, he rechecks our needs and the options the market has to offer. I cannot recommend Kenn enough.

Kay Chapman, Chapman ER Ltd


Kenn Butler and the team at Paradise Brokers have been looking after the insurance needs of Uniquely Nelson for several years. Kenn and his team are fantastic to deal with, nothing is ever too much trouble and my requests are always dealt with promptly, the results always what I want and all with a smile! Great to have that local knowledge and to know Kenn is always trying to get the best outcomes for his clients. I love Kenn’s weekly emails too, always a delight to open up and read on a Monday!

Cathy Madigan, Manager – Uniquely Nelson


Efficient and expert. Just what I needed

Dr Jan Loudermilk


The point of difference with Vision Insurance brokers for me is that I feel like a part of their business. I feel like my service is appreciated. Because of their strong relationships with their customers, my conversion of quotes to successful sales is 50% higher than industry standard.

A Local Underwriter


We have been satisfied clients of Kenn for many years. We have enjoyed quick and effective plain language communication about our insurance needs, even to the point of referring us to another provider in one case to ensure that we had the best possible advice. Understanding our situation has meant that in times of change Kenn has been proactive and suggested appropriate adjustments before we had identified the need. We have no hesitation in recommending Paradise Brokers as excellent advisers.

Sean and Di Trengrove


Thank you for your impeccable service once again.

Kim Hamilton


A brief greeting and expression of thanks! I am enjoying receiving your weekly blurb – it is a point of encouragement for me, thanks.

I have just started your book ‘Leadership is Life’ and find both the implicit faith dimension that you express and the very sound precepts on character in leadership encouraging and food for thought. (I’ll look forward to the rest)!

Derrick Hills