Creating your Insurance Haven
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Why Paradise Brokers as your insurance broker?

When you deal with a professional independent insurance broker, in addition to the Code of Practice that is upheld through our IBANZ membership, you also receive additional protection by way of the Insurance Intermediaries Act (1994) which further defines the regulatory procedures that must be followed by our profession.

In addition to our legal obligations we believe strongly that, when a client entrusts the management of their insurance program to us, we have a moral obligation to provide nothing short of the best possible performance and service, tailored to suit each clients individual needs. Learn more about us and our experience as insurance brokers.

Practices Adopted:

  • To provide clients with professional advice concerning the identification and management of all their insurable business risks.
  • To professionally arrange insurance contracts for clients at competitive prices with secure underwriting markets.
  • To assume responsibility for all claims administration that may arise and actively pursue all claims to their prompt conclusion.
  • To advise and assist clients with any insurance related queries, including ways in which they can reduce or eliminate financial risk or hazards.
  • We are a compliant Business, with paid up professional memberships and qualified to act on your behalf.

Products Available:

  • Full suites of commercial insurances are available and we have access to New Zealand and worldwide insurers.
  • Risk Management advice to better structure insurance and assist to mitigate premium costs and / or avoid liability and / or improve risk practices.

To achieve this objective it is essential that we:

  • Have an extensive knowledge of our clients’ business operations so we can endeavour to recognise any potential areas of risk.
  • Be qualified with an extensive knowledge of insurance contracts and practices, achieved through standards upheld by IBANZ (Qualified Practicing Insurance Broker) maintained annually and continued commitments to training and education.
  • Have an extensive knowledge of and access to insurers and to know where to source various solutions both locally and overseas.
  • Adopt the fundamental principles of ‘Total Quality Customer Service’ in the management and running of our company.