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Leadership & Communication

Kenn is often asked to speak publicly, at a range of different events.

Kenn is passionate about leadership, communication and customer service. Through years of involvement in organisations like the Rotary Club, the Chamber of Commerce and the New Zealand Police, Kenn is a well-seasoned public speaker, and can relate well to a range of audiences. Contact Kenn using the Contact Form on this page for more information.

Book: Life is Leadership

Life is Leadership book

My first publication is a book entitled Life is Leadership. This book is a compilation of articles about life and leadership that evolved from a newsletter series on leadership.
Books are available for sale at the low price of $39.95 each. You can buy your copy through this website by one of the following methods:

Direct Credit: E-mail me with your name and shipping address, and I will send you details for direct credit.

Cash or Cheque: If you live in the Nelson Region, e-mail or phone me to arrange a time to come by my premises, or I could meet you in town. If you would like to receive a copy by mail, post a cheque for $39.95 + $4.50 postage and packaging to P.O. Box 962, Nelson, 7040. Please include your name and shipping address. Please contact me to enquire about shipping rates for international orders.